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Diversity Policy

Florit Legal recognises the value of promoting a safe, agreeable and diverse working environment. As a firm we aim to be a natural choice for talent; a true meritocracy where everyone is able to reach their full potential within a culture that embraces diversity and promotes equality, inclusion and mutual respect. We strive to treat our candidates, clients and employees with respect and dignity and to treat them fairly with regards to all assessments, choices and procedures. The firm strives to treat its employees and all its contacts in the recruitment process on the basis of merit alone and aims to eliminate unjustifiable discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs, religious beliefs or practices, disability, marital status, family circumstances, sexual orientation, spent criminal convictions, age or any other inappropriate ground. We share the view that a diverse work force can offer a wide range of resources, skills, ideas and energy to a business. Organisations that embrace diversity will reap the benefits of resourcing from a wider pool of talent and, as a result, succeed in achieving their objectives in a competitive market whilst raising their profile in the business and wider community.

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