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Thank you for our wins for the first week

April 13, 2018

So, here we are, at the finishing line! It’s the end of the first week of trading – and blimey it’s flown by.

We have a new brand, a new CRM system, a new view out of the window (which we will share when the weather looks a bit more appealing!), and we’ve booked ourselves into Home for a meal at the end of next week to celebrate our first fortnight of graft. Added to that, and since we are all foodies here, we are lamenting the fact that Masterchef is nearly over, but tonight it all reaches a climax, and we will have a well-deserved winner *.

This week has been a week of highs for us too, and so I just wanted to offer a few thank-you’s before the weekend is upon us.

Firstly, huge thanks to every well-wisher who has sent one of us a personal message this week (and we’ve had loads) – it’s really very gratifying. Also, to everyone who has liked, shared or wished us well in response to our opening post in comments on LinkedIn. We appreciate your support. Finally to clients who want us to get involved in their in-house legal recruitment efforts – and there have been as many as seven new instances this week. We look forward to working with you and thank you so much for your confidence in us. We won’t let you down.

Next week sees us undergoing some training on Monday and Friday afternoon, and so I’d like to apologies in advance for any lack of availability on both days, and also for the fact that I have been difficult to contact this last week. I owe lots of people a call, an InMail or an e-mail, and will get round to those as soon as I can. I promise.

If you have your own wins for the week – do please share those.

Have a great weekend.

Miguel, Andy and Wendy


( *Our money is on Nawamin by the way. Probably the most entertaining Masterchef finalist in years! Until Andy uses the knowledge gleaned from his day at the Box Tree…!!!).

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