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We’re running to help In-house Lawyer Adam Gray fight cancer

December 6, 2019

Florit Legal’s Andy Balmer and Miguel Florit are joining the Provident Financial fundraising team to help in-house lawyer Adam Gray fight cancer.

Adam Gray is an in-house employment lawyer who Andy Balmer helped one of our long-standing friends, Ken Mullen to recruit whilst he was General Counsel at Provident Financial. Adam now works for Barclays in London and was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (stage 4). Adam is just 32 and his wife recently gave birth to their first child, Amelie, who is only 6 weeks old.

Key to Adam’s fight for survival is access to alternative medical treatment which is expensive and not readily available through the NHS. Part of his fundraising campaign includes a 5-mile run in York on the 18th January, and Adam is intending to walk the last mile with his fundraisers.

Ken contacted us recently and said he was coming out of ‘running retirement’ to join around 10 of Adam’s former Provident colleagues on the run, to raise money to help Adam pay for treatments and therapies needed to prolong his life, as well as funding crucial research in search of a cure.

So, we’ve decided to join the team and do our bit to help generate both awareness and funds.

You can read Adam’s story on one of the links below. Devastating news like this can happen to anyone of us. As his family state:

One moment you can be fit, healthy, active and alive. The next moment you can be diagnosed with Stage IV, Grade III Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer. A week later you can be told you have 6-12 months to live.

Adam is determined to fight this disease and is trying to defy the medical advice about his life-expectancy. So please, dig deep and sponsor us and the past and present Provident team so we can give Adam the support he needs.  

Provident Financial have generously agreed to match any funds raised through the team’s separate Just Giving page. So please give generously. All funds raised and matched will then be deposited into Adam’s fundraising account. 

Read Adam’s Story

Thank you for any support you feel able to give the team here.

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